By Dr. Abner Mality

Monster Magnet has been ahead of the curve with 70's influenced stoner/psych rock for a long time now. That style is getting real old with me, but in most cases, it's the forefathers who still do it best and that's what we've got here. This is the heaviest and grooviest MM in quite a few years.

They still keep to the formula with gooey, syrupy riff factories like "Hallucination Bomb", "Dig That Hole" and "100 Million Miles". Latch on to that monstrous bass sound that kicks off "Hallucination Bomb" and you know you're gonna get your skull rattled big time. Supposedly Dave Wyndorf has cleaned up his act drug-wise but you'd never know it from whacked out lyrics like "Mad god took my girl and made time stand still/I used to hate that stony freak and now I always will". Verbal absurdity is a big part of the Monster Magnet plan and you get plenty of it here. Where Wyndorf and his boys still cook, though, is when they cut loose with those long awesome shredding guitar solos, which we get on "Bored With Sorcery", "When the Planes Fall From the Sky" and the killer title track. I could listen to these dudes jam all day when they burn those axes.

Things are spiced up with some good variety. The weird "The Titan Who Cried Like A Baby" is a totally spaced out and keyboard based freakscape while "Perish In Fire" is aggressive enough to be called straight up metal. A nice surprise is the laid back "Time Machine", which has a very cool, melancholy flow to it.

Although there are a couple of average spots like the stoner-by-numbers "All Outta Nothin'", "Mastermind" is one of the best examples you'll find of high quality hard-riffing rock n' roll. Drop in, tune out, freak on...