By Theron Moore

Finally, some proper death metal!  I was getting discouraged, questioning whether this genre was too fat with bands trying to reinvent the wheel when I hear “Scourge” by Monotheist and then just like that, all is right with the world again.  

I dig bands that come up with great original music, not afraid to stray away from the masses and risk something that maybe not a lot of folks would understand.  “Scourge” is that record.  It’s solid death metal that isn’t afraid to tread into unlikely territory, as with the third song, “Mark of the Beast Pt. 1:  The Image,” a 1:48 sojourn into a gothic, classical realm only to rebound with song four, “Mark of the Beast Pt. 2:  Scion of Darkness,” wrought with as much heaviness as one song can deliver.  The vocals are to be heard, to be believed.  There’s a short passage where the term “guttural” takes on new meaning.

I dig European metal and how damn good it is whether it’s black or death or a combination of the two. It seems effortless, second nature in how masterful many, and I do mean, many of these musicians are when it comes to crafting lyrics to music, or vice versa.  “Scourge” is a great example of this.  Take the instrumental “Infinite Wisdom.”  Track 5.  How does a death metal band pull this off?  It’s almost prog metal and yet it fits the mood of this record to a tee without taking anything away from the heaviness factor.

I’m hoping this record gets heard, it really deserves some serious attention.  Each song flows into the next, and the music is perfectly layered and textured.  Monotheist have really created something special here, weaving together a tapestry of heavy sounds that pummel you and alternately draw you in deeper into the songs themselves.  

Be on the lookout for this record that releases March 16th on Prosthetic Records.  Thank god they’ve god decent label support that can get their name out there for people to become familiar with.  In the meantime, be sure to check out their other record “Unforsaken” and their EP, “Genesis of Perdition,” both of which lay the foundation for what “Scourge” is.  Check out this band out, and make sure to give “Scourge” a listen.  You’ll thank me later.