“All Is Left to See”

By Dr. Abner Mality

28 minutes is apparently a full-length LP these days, or at least it is for Moloken. Fair enough, “Reign In Blood” was about that long. Does “All Is Left To See” measure up to that?

Are you kidding me? This is pretty dreary listening that produces an overall feeling of depression but nothing else.  This Swedish band is described as a “progressive sludge/post metal collective” and that’s fairly accurate. They just forget to write anything memorable that makes a long term impression. “Subliminal Hymns” is a promising start with a crunching sludge approach and some innovative vocal twists. And that’s about all Moloken has got in their weapons locker. The title track is a mopey slog through clean, depressing guitar tones. There are a number of very short tracks like  “I Can’t Hear You”, “Burst” and “Wreckage” that don’t amount to a hill of beans. On an album this short, that’s a killer.

“I Dig Deeper” delves back into the heavy sludge for a momentary wake-up but ends very anticlimactically. That leaves last cut “Beginning of the End” as a somber ballad with cello accompaniment. It all sounds very sad and if you’ve just lost your girlfriend or had somebody run over your cat, it might fit your mood. But there’s nothing hear to remember, nothing to make a lasting impact. 28 minutes out of your life and that’s about all.