“Requiem for Us All”

By Derelikt Waugh

So…somewhere along the line, I saw the very silly (and very made up) term “deathcore” applied to this album. Also, somewhere along the line, I learned that because of this silly, music-journalist-created term, that meant that I would probably hate this album. The reasoning for that is very simple: most of the bands I’ve heard that label themselves (or are labeled as) “deathcore” usually suck a large amount of ass. Not so with this band, in my humble opinion. On their sophomore effort entitled “Requiem for Us All”, The Modern Age Slavery truly brings the brutality in catchy, air tight slabs of grinding, death/thrash that consistently impress throughout. This stuff is technical without losing sight of the fact that a song should sound like…well, a song, not a bunch of crazy ass chord progressions strung together like they were composed by Thelonious Monk on a meth bender.

Yes, these guys are amazingly good at what they do, almost too precise in fact. I’d like to hear a bit more rawness in the proceedings, but that’s a pretty small bitch compared to how fucking excellent this album is in its relentless, rabid entirety. The vocals are suitably harsh yet crystal clear, the rhythm section hammers out gnarly, down-tuned riff after riff, and the drumming quite simply has to be heard to be believed. This sure as fuck beats the Hell out of bands like, Job for A Cowboy and Suicide Silence (who they have apparently toured with). In short, if you can tolerate a “brutal break-down” or two, this album is more than worth your time. Just get ever the stigma that comes with “deathcore”, sit up and prepare yourself for the crazed riff frenzy that awaits you. By the way, they get extra cool points for their killer version of Sepultura’s “Arise”. If you’re gonna properly cover Sepultura, you should definitely have a pair, Nancy.