“Absolute Light”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s been many years since I’ve heard hardcore of the kind Mizery plays here. When you hear the term hardcore today, usually it’s bonecrushing stuff you could sink a battleship with like Nails or Weekend Nachos or else it’s metalcore tinged stuff. With Mizery, one band name from days of old popped into my head immediately: The Cro-Mags. This is the kind of “metallic hardcore” that existed before the metalcore invasion of the early 2000’s.

It’s a pleasure to hear this kind of material again. “Best Wishes” and “Alpha-Omega” by the Cro-Mags are spiritual and sonic ancestors of Mizery. Melodic thrash with punk attitude and clean vocals.  The songs here just flow so well from riff to riff, with killer solos and slower breakdowns.  Singer Jose Gonzales had a kind of rapping style to his delivery and there’s a vague funkiness to the heavy music here. Biohazard and Merauder are two more bands that Mizery brings to mind. As much as rap makes me cringe, somehow those kind of vocals mix very well with the metallic hardcore of Mizery.

Also similar to The Cro-Mags, the band talks about spiritual matters in their lyrics, although that doesn’t stop them from dropping the F-bomb like a bunch of Crips.”Absolute Light” completely took me by surprise and is a very cool listen in 2016. Hope to hear more from them!