"In Memoriam"

by Octopi Mills

Mistur from Norway now plays in my hallowed chamber, with their own brand of "sognametal", and there is a Windir style to be heard, along with their own it would seem, which is itself typical of the newer genre and sound production of such. The vocals are growling and guttural, and at times with the clean sort one would imagine with this music. There are guitars doing lots of different things in the path; nineties Norse black metal styling with more modern sound, as well as the approach of epic melodies and some guitar tab metal stuff we hear so much in these genres. Every once and a while, there is keys to heighten the mood or drums to keep things tight and clean. 

Tales of Vikings and such  sets sail in the same old boring way I hate to even make light of, and in all the different things going on it seems to not only do anything unusual or memorable, but also fails in keeping my interest. It rages and flows, but in the same manner of a systematic approach of instrumentation and laws that others always paint themselves into artistic corners with, and follows paths worn out and tread in a manner that is less wild in the paradox of it all. But it is full of different metal pieces and might be interesting to someone looking into the school of guitar shred and those sorts of things in the modern European style of today.