“Minotaur Head”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This almost totally flew under my radar: sludgy doom-death out of The Netherlands. Believe it or not, this is yet ANOTHER of the seemingly endless projects of Rogga Johansson, but this one is more focused on the doom element than any of his zillion other bands. Joining Rogga are ex-Asphyx drummer Bob Bagchus and Hail of Bullets bassist Theo van Eekelen. Those names got my attention right away!

Minotaur Head gets doomy in two different ways. There’s the super slow and grueling tunes such as “Hidden Death in the Permawinter” which remind me of Winter and Asphyx’s self-titled album. Then there’s a groovier, more bluesy kind of sludgy doom such as “Only Lands For the Slaughter”, which are almost like a deathly Weedeater or Eyehategod. I prefer the super slow stuff myself “Hidden Death In the Permawinter” is just awesomely powerful and dirge-like doom. Rogga sings lead for Minotaur Head and does a very credible job of it. Wailing guitar solos are courtesy of one Ronnie Bjornstrom, who I’m unfamiliar with but who should satisfy most doom/sludge fanatics.

Few suprises are to be found with Minotaur Head, but it’s tasty enough if you’re into vile slow motion torture.