By Prof. Jocko

If there ever was a band that has taken mainstream music and turned it into something really fuckin' cool, it would be the Brazilian band, Mindflow. It’s not too often that I say the words mainstream and cool in the same sentence, but this is definitely the exception! Granted ,there are a couple of tunes here that may fall into the category of something typical, but there is a great deal of individuality that sets them aside from other bands. Having said that, you may be wondering what type of music these group of rock & rollers do? As much as I hate to pigeon-hole one band in comparison to another band, they remind me of a slightly heavier version of Myles Kennedy’s Alter Bridge. Mindflow has a powerful sound that is huge and meaty; melodic in some areas and scorching in other areas that will make your ears bleed. This creative combination of music makes you realize how unique these guys are which gives you a selection of tunes that demonstrate a wide variety that can please several all diverse listening tastes.

When you hear the first few riffs of the first song titled “Break Me Out", and hear the vocals of the first verse, you may be saying to yourself “Hey this does sound a little watered-down”, but trust me, if you hang tough through the next couple of songs, you won’t be disappointed.  In my opinion, the next song called "Reset the Future" would have been more appropriate as an opening song, mainly because of the heavier rhythm and vocals that have more conviction as to what style of music these guys appear to be. The next couple of songs; "Breakthrough", "Walking Tall" & the title track are perhaps songs that border on more of alternative style, so this is where I find the track, "Corrupted", which contrasts nicely with some heavier, more powerful moments to it.

Halfway through the album, the musical direction takes a different turn that combines a progressive beat with a mystical vibe with the song "Under an Alias". This also marks the point in the album where each song gets stronger musically than the one before it, bringing you to your listening climax as you head towards a triumphant ending. Songs like "Lethal", "Thrust Into This Game" and "The Ride" include various spots of stretching melodies with bursts of powerful guitar riffs that make them extraordinary. The last few songs are in my opinion, where we get to the meat & potatoes of the entire album; "Destructive Desive" has a distincttive vocal style that compliments the pounding bass rhythm and dissonant keyboards. The track called "Instinct" also has some of the most intricate, precise guitar riffs that make this one kick-ass tune. Mindflow is currently on a North American tour with classic rockers UFO, so make whatever efforts to see them if they come to a city near you!