by Thor

“Devolution”, the new album by Czech grinders Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay…wait…hold on….

Sorry, had to rest my fingers.

Henceforth, or at least until the conclusion of this review, this band shall be referred to as Mincing Fury.  But rest assured, their full name says it all: These guys are over the top, nonsensical, and awesome.

“Devolution” starts with an incredible instrumental called “Requiem for a Fury” that involves haunting and epic string passages over pulsing piano, the results of which are stunning and strangely catchy.  The rest of the album is as disconnected from this in style, tone, and in every other conceivable way, that it makes perfect sense when one remembers who they’re listing to.

The meat of the album is some of the most circle pit-inspiring guttural grind I’ve heard in a while.  Let me see if I can describe its sound…Imagine if you will, this scene: A Special Olympics All Star Dance Team on steroids and really potent acid takes over a Family Planning waiting room by force and holds the rehearsal of their lives while STD-infected teenagers look on in horror.  Now picture this scene represented through earth smashing grindcore and you have “Devolution”.
The guitars are tuned low and dirge out super heavy riffs over drums that slam the mix into your face like a dump truck equipped with a set of Toyota brakes, alternating between blasts and giant slams.  The vocals are exquisitely over the top, mostly featuring a fine blend of classic grind screams and inverted guttural pig squeals.  Amid this, there are weird hip hop samples, cartoon noises, 70’s-style easy listening snippets, and even a partial cover of Korn’s “Blind”.

On “Devolution”, Mincing Fury throws down the gauntlet on this style of grind, a unique style shared by a short list of musical abominations such as Screaming Afterbirth and Methadone Abortion Clinic.  This album doesn’t have a single dull second, every song a simple, well composed chapter of insane, adrenalin-tapping audio that will both torment you and compel you to spaz the fuck out.  In fact, I’ve listened to this album every day since it arrived in my inbox a couple weeks ago.  I think I may need help.  But I digress.

 I highly recommend Mincing Fury’s “Devolution” to those of you who appreciate the art of the counter clockwise boogie, brutal music, and fun.