“Condemned To Hell”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Midnite Hellion strike me as the scruffy little brother of Night Demon. They come from the same place musically, which is early 80’s underground metal and proto-thrash. That kind of sound is right in my wheelhouse so that’s a good start. But Midnite Hellion just doesn’t have the same amount of class and refinement as Night Demon. The sound is crude, the riffs are borrowed and often hackneyed and the vocals are local bar band fodder. 

Enthusiasm makes up for many shortcomings and you do get that here. The MH boys genuinely seem to like and enjoy what they are doing and although songs like “Soldiers of Hades” and “Death Dealer” sound very much like ones you’ve heard many times before, the energy carries them through. I sense a little bit of very young James Hetfield in the vocals, which are of middling quality.
The fast and simple tunes like “Cross The Line” work the best because they are based on a time honored formula. Midnite Hellion occasionally tries for something more epic like “The Morrigan” and “The Fever” but they  comes across hamfisted and dull. And “Teenage Bloodsucking Bimbos” is every bit as stupid as it sounds…I could feel my IQ dropping 10 points listening to this silly dud.

Midnite Hellion’s heart is in the right place, but they have plenty of room to improve. I wish the best for them!