"Aggressive Hauntings"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Any priest messing around at midnight is not doing the Lord's work and this priest is no exception. Hailing from the red hot Portugal metal scene, the band plays a fast and crunchy brand of true metal that doesn't mess around. No ballads or slow burning epics here...all songs range from 3 to 5 minutes and they are quick and hard. They're not exactly thrash, but no thrasher could deny the energy level here. If you want a comparative description of MIDNIGHT PRIEST, imagine a collision between KING DIAMOND, JUDAS PRIEST and HAMMERFALL.

So far, so good, but the one possible tripping point are the screechy vocals of one Lex Thunder. Obviously influenced by the mighty KING and also the shrillest screams of Halford, Mr. Thunder brings the falsetto with ball-busting intensity. Something about this singing grates on me, though it's not a million miles from KING DIAMOND. KING has a certain control of his voice that makes his screaming bearable....Lex sometimes (not always) lacks that essential control. That being said, most of the tracks here just flat out jam, with "Eyes In the Dark", "Ecstasy" and "Black Leather" being my favorites. Truth to tell, there's not a ton of variation between tracks.

Another good point for MIDNIGHT PRIEST are the sizzling leads of Iron Fist and Steel Bringer, which come very close to the greatness of Shermann and Denner. If you can take the vocals, MIDNIGHT PRIEST delivers a strong benediction of metal with "Aggressive Hauntings".