"No Mercy For Mayhem"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Somebody call 911, those guys in the black masks are back!

In the world of raunchy Satanic rock inspired by Venom, Motorhead and Zeke, there are a lot of wannabes but only one MIDNIGHT. These Cleveland creeps again prove their mastery of the filthiest form of rock music with "No Mercy For Mayhem".  The roots of this kind of debauchery stretch all the way back to Jerry Lee Lewis and Link Wray but Midnight take things down a louder and darker path. You can hear the rock n roll roots here but don't worry, it's 100% raw and reeking heavy metal as well.

Of course, early Venom is the primary influence and they don't try to hide it, as the title of this opus indicates. Somehow these guys make that sound their own and they come across better than so many of the lame "retro" metal bands I hear. A fave track and case in point is "Prowling Leather", which has a grumbly groove do it that just hooks you in the balls and yanks away. Dig that rotten guitar tone! That's my fave, but kudos also to "Degredation" and "Try Suicide", which both have that savage "Welcome to Hell" tone to them. Some cuts are more rock n roll, some just thrash and burn. Either way, Midnight has it nailed. Praise, also, to vocals which are nasty but easily understood.

OK, no shocks or surprises here, but "No Mercy For Mayhem" is a killer followup to "Satanic Royalty", which itself was no slouch. This sounds fuller, meaner and yet more varied. The sun will never come up as long as Midnight is on your stereo.