by Sgt Deth

Metal Church is very close to my heart and has been a staple of mine since I was a teenager in the early ‘80s. I have witnessed their ups and downs over the years. I have basically taken their best and threw away the rest over the years. Their eleventh full length studio CD is a definite keeper. After being absent from the band for over 20 years, vocalist Mike Howe has returned. I always loved him as a replacement for original singer, David Wayne (R.I.P.). I would label those 3 magical CDs from 1989-1993 the Howe period, and what a magical period that was. I believe Howe’s obvious passion for pure metal has tempered the metal that is Metal Church once again.

As the first track proclaims they “Hit the button to reset” in this release. Starts out with a very catchy tune, and yet there is better to come. On to “Killing Your Time”, which instantly brought me back to the time of their “Hanging in the Balance”, or “Human Factor” days. Then “No Tomorrow” is very heart-felt like I would expect from a powerful Metal Church album. This is where it starts to really show its integrity and ingenuity as a classic metal album. That is one song that sticks with me and can be one of those hum jobs that can stick in your head all day.

The seven minute song, “Sky Falls In” kind of drags on to me, but I think if you were in the correct state of mind, you may like it. Then it goes right in to “Needle and Suture”, my favorite track. Not only are the vocals and guitars amazing , the drums are revolutionary. The way he snaps off a couple extra beats here and there is just awesome. My gods, I can listen to that track over and over. “Shadow” is a heavy and groovy track that would have fit well on the “Blessing In Disguise” album. The song “Blow Your Mind” is very trippy, and at the same time showcases how awesome Mike Howe’s vocal talents are. “Soul Eating Machine” is a hard hitting party song, and the last track, “Suffer Fools”, is an anthem that should be took to heart by everyone. Some of my favorite metal lyrics on that one: “If you don´t take it to heart, you´ll die another day”. That is another track that showcases Howe’s vocals and their overall resulting sound reflects the passion that can surely command a huge audience. Please keep supporting real metal!