“The Acausal Mass”

By Derelikt Waugh

 Yeah, so you’ve heard this style of black metal a time or ten. So what’s the problem, really? In my opinion, there isn’t one. MERRIMACK is insanely good at what they do, and that’s producing excellent traditional (and for the most part) lightning fast black metal with machine gun precision rivaling the likes of Marduk and Watain. These Parisian maniacs aren’t one trick war horses, however. There is a bleak ambience that permeates “The Acausal Mass” that is unfortunately lacking on black metal offerings from bands of this type of violent caliber. There’s a haunting, magical vibe at work here beneath the blood-lust and frenzied speed that one doesn’t hear nearly enough in this genre.

To be honest, I hear a bit of Deathspell Omega meets Bathory, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. The vocals are typically nasty and unsettling, but there is definitely an honest, unholy passion in the hell-drenched howls that sets them apart from other BM Quorthon aping clones. The production here is excellent as well, highlighting the slower, hypnotically melodic portions equally alongside the feverish, speed-fueled, devil-dervishes. Sure, MERRIMACK isn’t necessarily the most original black metal band ever. They are, however, very capable and far beyond proficient. Given a bit more time, I’d say that they have a chance at becoming genuinely dangerous and magnificently entertaining in the best possible way.