"The Mother Of All Plagues"

By Theron Moore

33 years and seven records later, MERCYELESS return to punish the masses July 7th with their new record, "The Mother Of All Plagues", via Xenokorp Records, and be forewarned, the level of aggression, brutality and bloodletting has been amped up.  That’s just a word to the wise in case fans of PAPA ROACH or DISTURBED decide to check it out and accidentally get crushed under the weight of what true metal sounds like. 

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to state that "The Mother Of All Plagues" is the darkest, heaviest, and certainly the most ominous record the band has made to date.  I think it is fair, however, to address the elephant in the room which is the pronounced DEATH / DEICIDE vibe that the eleven tracks on this record have.  There is certainly an old school Floridian influence present but it’s more in line with the band paying homage to this classic era than anything else. 

So, what to expect? A lot of old school fun with this release.  MERCYLESS go full bore, getting back to a bludgeoning style of metal that pumps fresh air into a genre that often gets trapped inside itself. "The Mother Of All Plagues" drops July 7th, 2020 on a variety of CD and Vinyl versions.  Preorders have already begun.