“At the Plateaus of Leng”

By Derelikt Waugh

Megascavenger is yet another side project that’s part of an ever-expanding catalogue of side projects belonging to one VERY busy Swede by the name of Rogga Johansson. You’d think that with all of these bands on one man’s plate, the music would eventually suffer and lose a little of its creativity and spark, right? Wrong (usually). Sure, there’s been some somewhat subpar material along the way, but this second offering by Rogga’s star-studded super group (of sorts), Megascavenger, is anything but subpar. The guest vocalist list alone is enough to send shivers of pure, unmitigated joy up the spine of the most mirthless among the death metal hordes. I mean, Martin Van Drunen AND Dave Ingram on the same fucking album?!? Are you kidding me? If those names mean nothing to you, then I suggest you stop reading this review right now and proceed to the nearest One Direction album…or loaded gun.

If, however, those names nearly caused you to evacuate your bowels into your moldering undergarments, then this album holds much to be excited about for you, bubba. In addition to many more legendary vocalists (including Rogga himself, of course), are some lesser-known, yet equally talented vocalists (including Brynjar Helgetun of Crypticus/Liklukt). Combine all of this with Rogga’s almost mechanically precise execution of groovy, mid-paced grind (Bolt Thrower style) spliced with a bit of melodeath (ala Edge of Sanity), and you’ve got yourself one Hell of a fun project! While I wouldn’t say this is Rogga’s greatest material, there’s certainly enough awesomeness contained herein to make me wanna give this beast numerous spins. We all know that eventually, we’re just gonna go back to our old Bolt Thrower and Edge of Sanity albums anyway. In the meantime, it’s nice to hear someone as talented as Rogga paying tribute to the gods!