“Descent of Yuggoth”

By Derelikt Waugh

Rogga Johansson strikes again, this time with the debut of his latest crushing outfit, Megascavenger. As the title would suggest, there’s more than just a passing nod in the sepulchral dark to Mr. Howard Phillips Lovecraft. H.P. Lovecraft’s work resonates through virtually every note on this nine-song love letter to mad, gibbering abominations that are best left unnamed. If you really wanna know the names though, read some damn Lovecraft! We’re here to talk about Swedish death metal, damn it! Yes, and we have oozing goblets of it here, folks! This is the real deal: an album loaded with savage slabs of horror-fueled hooks, punishing (not to mention, non-triggered) drum work, an extremely gnarly bass sound that seems to resonate from the depths of some decaying temple, and vocal performances that are capable of awakening Great Cthulhu himself from his dead but dreaming slumber.  

Now, I could waste time here and jabber off a long list of bands that Rogga has been in over the strange aeons, but I’ll refer you to my interview for that information, or any number of articles about Rogga. Instead, I’m going to list off a few choice guest appearances on this beast. Firstly, Dan Swano (death metal royalty) graces us with his guttural attack, as well as Paul Speckmann (Master, Deathstrike). There is also some blistering fret work by Jonas Lindblood (Puteraeon), and Eric Daniels of Asphyx infamy. This guest list alone should send the average death metal fan to raving incoherent weirdness in the streets, but that’s nothing compared to the overall sonic attack on the sanity that is this album. Megascavenger have come to eradicate the plague known as mankind. They have come throw open the gates of this world and let in the strange, tentacle things that have always been waiting for us. Insanity has never sounded so sickeningly sweet!