By Dr. Abner Mality

If Rammstein is too skull-crushing and scary for you, Megaherz is here to save the day. Watered-down keyboard drenched pop metal is the preferred format for these clownish looking Krauts so if you're allergic to real heavy guitar, dig in. As for me, I'd rather be dropped in a vat of week-old sauerkraut than visit "Zombieland" again.

These guys are part of the "Neue Deutsche Harte" movement combining industrial, goth and metal with German lyrics.  They are definitely not on the harder end of the NDH scale. I don't mind that kind of music when  done right and Rammstein is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, but this has no punch. The keys are too dominant, the riffs are rehashed, the vocals sappy. Moreover, they try to jump on the nauseatingly overdone "zombie" bandwagon with the album title and visuals, but any two bit death metal band from Bummfukk, Sweden would have Megaherz screaming in fear.

I will pillory these guys no more. Napalm Records has lost a lot of underground cred with this record.  Fortunately, we have Grave Digger and Flight of Sleipnir to atone.