by Sgt Deth

Megadeth has come back strong and heavy with their 15th full length studio album, “Dystopia”. They have went back to their roots and have not slowed down a bit. The overall pace on this entire CD is refreshing to hear from this veteran band. It takes me back to why I started listening to metal. Some of this album sounds like it could have easily been included on my favorite Megadeth CD of all time, “Rust In Peace”. One example is “Bullet To The Brain”. And there are songs like the last track, “Foreign Policy”, that could have easily fit on the ground breaking “Killing Is My Business” CD. Songs from this latest release were immediately placed in rotation with my other favorite Megadeth tunes. 

The cover art and title track convey the general message of this CD well. [Side note, I just love the guitar solo in the title track, also very much like old “Rust In Peace” material.] The lyrics in “Post American World”, almost makes me cry as Dave just hits the modern day spike on the head. And that thundering beast of a metal hymn is also my favorite track on the CD, go figure.

This album is a showcase of talent through and through. Track 8, “Conquer Or Die”, is one example. One of the best instrumentals I have heard for a while. The acoustics at the beginning are amazing, and they transition well in to the more brutal part of the song, and brutal hardly describes the intensity of that track. Talking about transitions, I must say almost every song has a good original sounding intro (whether just strange sound effects or not), and they are all unique. This is one CD that every metal fan must have in their inventory, it will surely be a classic in time to come. Support great talent like this.