"Woes of Mortal Devotion"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This smells like something that has been rotting in an ancient crypt. And it sounds like it, too. The word "mefitic" refers to stifling vapors of decay. A perfect name for this Italian band, who specialize in the sort of cavernous death metal that put Incantation on the map. Many bands now try to duplicate this sound. Mefitic is better than most. "Woes of Mortal Devotion" is a grueling torture test of grumbling death that is the aural equivalen of crawling through catacombs full of rotten corpses.

They get the exact and correct tone necessary to carry this off....low tuned guitar sludge merged with subterranean bass and deep growls. It all kind of jumbles together in a foetid mass. I'd say Mefitic favors a faster and more brutal sound than many Incantation-like bands...the pace is quick, only occasionally dropping into abyssal doom. The whole record sounds like it was recorded inside a giant cave hanging with stalactites and covered in sickly glowing fungus. The band also wisely mixes shorter songs with longer tunes...something Incantation themselves learned long ago. And they don't take the lazy route of letting feedback and distortion do all the work...there's actual riffs and songcraft going on here.

Too many bands are doing this brutal sound to make Mefitic revolutionary, but they master the sound and the feel of decrepit, decayed death metal.