"Medieval Necromancy"

By Octopi Mills

With a name like Medieval Demon one has high hopes. Such hopes are fevered and abstract but orthodox in nature. There is a nude woman  standing nearly arse naked in the promo with the black metal painted guys at either side. She looks like she's had a few kids or corn dogs and to misquote Tom Waits "ah, it's nothing a hundred dollars can't fix." Her legs are strong looking like a big legged woman and her face is covered as if only her squat body is the asset. She stands, legs apart- wait, what the hells am I doing...back to the music. I see Greece is at hand and I will not and must not get into another rant of the land and the sounds; the goatish cheeses and the sour wines of various berry. The breads; the lands..

The music sounds as if it were still in the old days of the 90s black metal times, complete with bells and horror movie keyboards. There is the heavy Satanic influence in the music and there was talk of meeting in ritual and woods in the promo. The singing is cavernous sounding, which is no surprise, nor is the classic sound of the early style. One can suppose there is a Greek sound, though lots of the bands there that are of status have their own style. I suppose I would prefer this music and sound over most if not all the other Greeks I have heard and this might be because of the old sound they keep sacred.

"Les Litanies de Satan" has keyboard and a woman perversely moaning in cinematic flair that evokes a madness inherit in those who are wrapped up in old medieval black magic.  It is followed by "The Moldy Wings of Death", which sounds like it was recorded many moons ago. Medieval Demon  is perpetuating the old and antique night that hangs rotting around in fresh paradox. One wonders how far they go into this ritualistic sense and if they are outright madmen in their dark devotions. Filthy atmosphere is championed, acoustic passages here and there are used alongside the old metal formula and it creates a deeper avenue to the recording here which you can find if you are interested at Hell's Headbangers records.