By Dr Abner Mality

Doesn’t seem all that long ago that Meatwound first pummeled my brain with their debut “Addio”. That was a filthy attack of doomy noise rock. Well, these guys have upped the ante considerably with “Largo”: this is a savage blast of distorted frequencies that will push you to the limit.

This time around, the band is much faster and more aggressive in their approach. Holy shit, the bass sound on this would swallow an aircraft carrier! The guitar is so low-tuned that is virtually matches that crushing bass. Everything here is pushed way into the red…it sounds like it was mastered inside a concrete mixer. This is the brutality that Meatwound was hoping to create. Like everything else, the vocals are raw and savage, but not in a metal way. This is the primal noise rock of the 90’s taken to the next level. There’s not much to talk about in terms of “composition” or “structure” but the rage comes through in bulldozers like “Pigs”, “The Killer, The Princess and The King” and the punishing title track.

It’s not that long but an hour of this would be overkill. Meatwound has surpassed their own limits with “Largo”…you can’t ask much more from any extreme band.