"Savage Sagas from the Meatmen"

By Dark Starr
There is a definite link between hardcore punk and metal. In fact, thrash and hardcore really seem to have sprung from the same school of music. The Meatmen play a sound that is generally on the punk end of the equation, but as this set shows, they can cross that line at times. This album (set up by sides like a record) is quite a good one. They manage to move from skits to hardcore to old-school punk and even stoner metal. The one thing it all has in common is energy. A song with the title "I'm Gonna Fuck You Up" is not gonna be a ballad, but the lightspeed punk played here makes the title more than an idle boast. But "Wizards of the Oblivion" shows a grooving stoner metal vibe that expresses energy in a different way. "Anna Moose" has a real old-time rock n roll vibe to it. These songs add variety without slowing things down at all.

 The whole thing is delivered with the classic Meatmen sense of humor. Mind you, these guys aren’t some kind of pop punk. This is the real deal and it’s likely to offend many people at one time or another. Virtually every song deserves a parental advisory.They also toss in some spoken word skits like "Shecky Presents" and "Billy's Birthday Surprise" for added fun/  Suffice it to say this is an entertaining set that’s highly recommended to fans of real punk rock.