"At the Brink of Eternity"

By Dark Starr

I dig this hard rocking set. The mix of sounds lands in the vicinity of alternative rock, but there is metal, punk and more here. It's not the most original thing you'll hear, but it's solid. 
The opener "Spellbound" pounds with fire and aggression. It has some catchy hooks and rock out really well. "Lightning Strikes Again" is another hard rocker. It's definitely along the lines of metal. There are some cool melodic breaks in it. 
"Let's Have a Party" is a cool hard rocker. It's got some classy sounds. It is a bit more on the alternative rock side than it is metal. On the other hand, "That's the Way We Rock" is very much a punk styled rocker. It's strong stuff, but a bit on the raw side. 

More of a power ballad, "When Ancients Ruled the World" has a lot of prog and a lot of metal built into it. Another rocker with a lot of punk and metal in the mix, "In This Jungle" is strong stuff. 
Aligned more with the punky alternative rocker side of the coin, "I'm On the Inside" is another solid cut. The title track has some ties to prog rock. It's also got plenty of alternative rock and some metal built into it. There are things that make me think of Living Colour. 
There's nothing particularly unique about "Devil in Disguise." It's just another solid rocker. Similarly, "Too Hot Honey" is another solid rocker.