“Soul Demise”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Since Morbid Angel seems to put new records out on the same timetable as Metallica (and of the same variable quality as well),their fans are itching for new material in the classic MA vein. One might suspect that a band named Maze of Sothoth would be capable of fulfilling that need, And one would be right.

These Italians are slavishly devoted to the first three Morbid Angel albums and from the sound of things they also like their Pestilence and Immolation as well. They play blasting, twisting and Lovecraftian death metal in early 90’s tradition, with grinding vocals even more guttural than David Vincent (who is now well into playing cowboy, I hear). The influences are obvious but to tell the truth, you don’t hear much of this kind of death metal anymore. “Lies” blows the cobwebs right out of your worm-eaten skull and sounds like an “Altars of Madness” out-take. For slower, oozing, crawling death metal, “At The Mountains of Madness” more than suffices.  A more unusual tune is “The Dark Passenger”, which has a jagged, almost early Voi Vod feel to its angular riffs

Toss in a couple of creepy synth instrumentals and you have “Soul Demise”. Morbid Angelism at its best and for sure better than Morbid’s own last album. A delightful descent into the maelstrom!