"Into The Dark Divinity"

By Colonel Angus
In October of 2014, I came across the self-titled release of by Mausoleum Gate and I was so impressed with that record that it made it into my top 10 releases for 2014.  Now, almost 3 years later, they release another classic in the form of "Into The Dark Divinity".  Consisting of 6 songs again, this album starts off pretty mellow with “Condemned to Darkness”.  Clocking in at over 9 minutes, the song takes a couple of twists and turns, starting mellow and then morphing into a Deep Purple/Uriah Heep-ish 70s rock track.  The first disk reminded me more of a NWOBHM band but this one harkens back to that great 70s rock sound.  Next up we get a quick rocker in the form of “Burn the Witches at Dawn”.  The tune barely scrapes the 3 minute mark but it’s all that is needed.  It’s more of a straight-forward cut and very different from the almost prog-ish album opener.  “Apophis” reminds me a little of Ronnie James Dio era Rainbow while still retaining that Purple/Heep vibe.  Like “Condemned to Darkness”, it’s a long tune with a couple of twists that keep it interesting throughout.  Next up, we are treated to another short(er) but sweet tune called “Solomon’s Key”.  There is definitely some great guitar playing on this one compliments of Count L.F. and Kasperi Puranen.  Before the band finishes the album in fine form with the title track, they unleash a quick little rocker in the form of “Horns”.  This one has that NWOBHM vibe that I remember from their previous CD.  It may only be 6 songs but each one is worthy of being on this disk.

The band is the same as the previous record.  V-P. Varpula puts in another great vocal performance and as previously mentioned, Count L.F. and Puranen provide great riffing and soloing throughout.  Wicked Ischianus pulls out double duty again on bass and Hammond organ which really gives this band that great 70s sound.  Oscar Razanez finishes off the line-up on drums and he puts in a great performance as well.  While I have to admit that these guys don’t have the most unique sound, they are playing the kind of rock that made the 70s music scene so exciting.  Its bands like this that will get the newer generations of rock/metal fans to discover a different sound; what’s old is new again.  With "Into The Dark Divinity", Mausoleum Gate have once again created an album I will be spinning for quite some time.