"Crass Cleansing"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In Switzerland, I'm pretty sure Tom Warrior is considered a rock god. With Matterhorn, we have a Swiss band paying tribute to their countryman and his bands with a lot of gusto. This is early Celtic Frost/Hellhammer worship of a very high order and the best band of this type since Warhammer was active. "Crass Cleansing" has a picture of wildly thrashing hair on its cover and after you hear what these guys have cooked up, you'll understand why they chose it.

"Crass Cleansing" is bursting at the seams with those super bassy and chunky riffs that Frost/Hammer specialized in. The vocalist has his warty, phlegmmy Tom Warrior style vocals down pat, with just enough of a twist to avoid sounding like a total clone. I get the impression that Matterhorn are just out to have fun and so they've left the more Gothic and progressive sides of Celtic Frost by the wayside. Every track is grooving, but the slamming power riffs of "Noch Nicht Nichts" will have you imitating the guy on the cover. "Tongues of Babel" is Frost on speed, reckless and almost out control while "Teenage Emperors" shows the doomier side and brings cuts like "Dawn of Megiddo" and "Dethroned Emperor" to mind. One thing that Matterhorn does a little differently is their guitar solos, which are not the  "warbly" kind Celtic Frost used to do. It's more like straight up heavy metal soloing. The last track "Of All I Was" lurches so crazily from riff to riff that it's almost Voi Vodian.

Nothing fancy from Matterhorn here. These Swiss citizens have done their inspiration proud and come up with a really fun album highly recommended for all Frost and Hellhammer fans.