"Global Enslavement"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In terms of metal bands per capita, Canada has still got to be one of the most metal countries in the world. Our neighbors to the North keep pumping out the heavy stuff in a way that should shame the much larger U.S. A new band you can add to the list of Maple Leaf Maniacs is Massive Slavery.

These guys are unabashedly modern in their approach to extreme metal. The sound is shiny and abrasive, with influences from the likes of Machine Head and Fear Factory. There's a kind of mechanized fury to their music, which fits their theme that we are all becoming human robots in a corporate-dominated world empire. Melodic death metal and straight thrash also makes its way into their sound and the mixture can be pretty appealing. It's real Machine Head with the gloves off...but I can't imagine old-schoolers into the more grimy styles of death metal will appreciate it. As is usual for most of these "neo-death" acts, the drum sound is pretty digital and the vocals can also get wearying.

For a debut record on a label I've never heard of before, this is a pretty professional and promising product from the Great White North, but one with plenty of room to grow.