MARGINAL “Total Destruction” 

DEATH TOLL 80K “Step Down”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Grindcore seems to be enjoying a resurgence recently and two names to keep an eye on are Death Toll 80K and Marginal.

Death Toll 80K are from Denmark and man, they don’t play. “Step Down” is 17 tracks of gone before you know it raging fury. This is the kind of insanity that harks back to the earliest days of Napalm Death, Septic Death, Disrupt and more such maniacal speed noise. Most of these “songs” are done in less than a minute. Only 1 exceeds the 2 minute mark. It’s absolutely pure buzzsaw savagery and has all the advantages and disadvantages of that. You don’t get bored with it and it provides a good swift kick in the nuts. The super shriek high vocals sound like a rusty hinge being yanked apart….lots of “AHH YAHH YAHH YAHH, AHH!” You know the drill. “Step Down” is for the real maniacs who think Napalm sold out.

Even better than this is Belgium’s Marginal. “Total Destruction” more than lives up to its name…these motherfuckers crush your skull from the get go with a heavier, thicker sound than DT80K. There’s also more variety in tempos. Opening cut “Barbarians” is a predatory loping beast and the concluding title track is a monster bulldozer that flattens everything. With Death Toll 80K, you can’t really talk about “songs”, but with Marginal, things are more composed and get a little longer to work out. Tasty licks abound with “Rat Kebab”, the very punkish “Fucked Up Society” and more. “Total Destruction” is one of the best crusty grind records I’ve heard in a while, even more so than some by “masters” who would be better off staying home in comparison to Marginal. I wanna hear a lot more from these guys!