"Serpent Sermon"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Open the Book of the Worm to page 666. Let us now read from Marduk 3:16, in which Christ the Lord is given a hell of a beating by face-painted Swedes.  Let no one doubt the wrath of Marduk, for they are the heart and soul of black metal.

This is their first effort for high profile Century Media and they've made the most of the opportunity by delivering an iconic album that defines black metal in 2012.  The genre has really started to collapse but grim-faced Marduk pay no attention and turn to their art with even more grimness than before. It's hard, merciless and cold, right from the first vicious lashing of the title track. These guys have had their slower, more ponderous moments, but few bands are faster than Marduk when they put the hammer down.  The hate continues with "Messianic Pestilence" and then things really blow wide open with scourging of "Souls for Belial". This is the way no compromise BM should be done...the dark melodies, the relentless drumming and above all, the horrific vocals of Mortuus. Wow, this guy is a MONSTER! A demon in human form!

They know enough to lay off the gas now and then. "Temple of Decay", "MAMMON" and album ending "World of Blades" show the cold and Gothic side of Marduk...these tunes are menacing in a different way. But believe me, it's the BLAST that fuels "Serpent Sermon"'ll feel like a moth scorched by a flame thrower when you hear "Damnation's Gold", "Gospels of  the Worm" and the extremely venomous "Hail Mary"(Piss-Soaked Genuflection). This last song really lives up to its hateful title...a pure classic of fast, cold, demonic black metal.

This is a band smart enough to know they don't need to reinvent themselves. They just focus on sharpening the axe more each and every time they use it. Heads will roll!