"The Heat"

By The Gil-Man

 If you're a fan of psychedelic, fuzzy guitars, and a sound that is part classic rock and part heavy metal, with a little bit of Budgie and The Sword thrown in for good measure, then Finnish rockers, Mangoo (pronounced Man Go), and their latest release, "The Heat", should be at the top of your list of required listening. 

 The band's third full-length album doesn't pull any punches and gets the party started right off the bat with their opening track, "Relief", and doesn't stop there. Every track pulled me in deeper and deeper and I found myself looking for the link to purchase the album even before I was done listening to it. Even the songs that were 6+ minutes in length, "Beyond the Sky" and the title track, "The Heat", had me wanting more. There are no throw-away songs on this album and even the last track, a cover of Eddie Murphy's 1985 single, "Party All the Time", has been reworked into a rockin', more than tolerable rendition. 

 Unbelievably, it has been five years since Mangoo released their last album, "Neverland", and I really hope we're not waiting another five years for their next release. Catchy hooks, strong vocals and a sound with all the personality you can handle make this a must for any rocker's collection.