"Vol III: Hell's Likely"

BY Rusty Coffinnails

Spawned from the Land Down Under, where everything is poisonous or wants you dead, Mammoth Mammoth offers up some in your face hard hitting rock and roll. Pulling influence from greats such as Motorhead, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and then blending it into a sound all their own that they call "Heavy Mudder Fuzz".
The title track and first up. "Hell's Likely" hits pretty hard and gets your attention, they seem to be pulling from Motorhead on this one yet lack the aggressive edge that only Lemmy has.

"I Want It, Too" is the 6th song on this but don't expect much from this one. It has an almost annoying intro and doesn't get much better, the noise at the end just adds to my disappointment here. I can't help but think of a high school party band. "Bury Me" the 7th song is a slower tempo song with an almost hypnotic beat, this one is by far my pick. The band seems to have found their comfort zone in this, it flows nicely and doesn't feel like they are forcing themselves to channel the spirits of the greats.

From window rattling piss off the neighbors bass to ear splitting guitar riffs they have it. Although not the most refined or cerebral music it is just fun to listen to in a "stomp around drive too fast" junk food sort of way. Basically if you are into to good old hard rock and roll and not looking to ponder the wonders of the universe these guys likely have something for you.