“Cosmic Crypt”

By Dr. Abner Mality

A brisk swim through the foul sewers of filthy death grind, “Cosmic Crypt” provides about 25 minutes of murky mayhem. Mammoth Grinder is a band that pops up at odd times but always seems to deliver the goods. This stuff is caveman raw. Short blasting tunes that mix the sickening death of Autopsy and Incantation with the atomic force grind of Extreme Noise Terror.

Nobody can claim that this stuff is overproduced. It is murky, fierce and immediate. One thing that really stands out is the Neanderthal drumming of Ryan Parrish, also in Iron Reagan. It is amazingly heavy handed and direct with zero frills. The vocals emerge from beneath layers of crypt grime and cobwebs with an echoey feel while the minimal guitar solos squeal and scream. A triumph of anti-sophistication and just what the Dr. ordered if you’re looking to start 2018 with straightforward and putrid grind.

Top tracks: “Grimmenstein”, “Human Is Obsolete”, “Mysticism” and “Rotting Robes”, which actually manages to “swing".