"Into Duat"

by Octopi Mills

Norse metal heads turn to the cabinets of Uncle Osiris' closet and such said occult things here, with a liking for Egyptian themes and a classic heavy metal styling. As the promo states there is a lyrical theme of Western mysticism...Just so it may be known, this author has a strong disliking for Egyptian mysticism and the spiritual culture therein found, though it will not be a deciding factor here on this evening and I will not rant about such a bias unless I am somehow forced to further in the listening session. The music has an old school metal feel and it may sound classic in this respect to some; A certain eighties sound, if you will. Manilla Road comes to mind, for a few moments. The vocals could be a chili dog away from a slaw and beer with D.J . Fenriz's metal compilations I have heard, though this is an amateur thought that i have only entertained for a moment.

 It was said that Crowley's philosophy was explored in their past times, as many a young man has done in the climb through uncle Osiris' undergarments closet, and I am sure some lies will be told and some truth will be found in this climb. "Osiris" has a bizarre vocal approach that is nearly as weird as what I have just thought, with big dumb praise to the old risen lord of short shorts and head adornments. The music has some interesting aspects for anyone who likes classic metal, surely, and this lends some credit to what has been done on this album. After a few drinks, changing the lodge door locks, and donning a hawk mask you might be ready to stand against Yeats while listening to "Horus the Avenger", and the man child in you might fashion a phallic wand to punish your enemies with or attempt to call down forces in a local pub. In fairness, this is some of the better of the bands today attempting to make old fashioned metal, and it is done in a manner that sounds better than a lot of the older bands even, at times.