“The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Once again, Southern California’s Madrost have come up with a sleeper album. And once again they’ve had to release it by themselves. What is wrong with metal labels when a band of this obvious quality and skill can’t get signed but garbage like Crypt Rot winds up on Southern Lord? I would think metal indy labels would be fighting tooth and claw to sign Madrost.

No such luck. These guys surprised the hell out of me with their debut “Into the Aquatic Sector” and they prove that record is no fluke with the laboriously titled follow-up “The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh”. This is super tight progressive death metal sounding like a mash-up of mid-period Death, Pestilence during their “Testimony of the Ancients” era and the thrashier Megadeth. It is technical music, but not in the overdone and wonky way of many tech-death bands. The hooks are deep and the songs are constructed with a lot of thought. “Abstractions”, “Scorned” and “Dimensions” remind me of Pestilence filtered through a more “American”, Megadeth-type sensibility. The songs are of decent length but not overlong and the album does not overstay its welcome.

If you couldn’t tell, Madrost also has a sci-fi bent to its image and lyrics which is also agreeable. This is just well played extreme metal that should appeal to a wide range of fans. Can somebody sign these guys PLEASE?