"Into the Aquatic Sector"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This cool little tidbit is a definite throwback to the days when thrash and death metal were intertwined and nobody quite knew where one began and the other ended. It's a very brief record, almost an EP, from a band totally unknown to me, but it is actually their second effort and man, I dig it a lot!

I was expecting ultra-brutal tech death but instead Madrost plays a catchy and often tasteful form of extreme metal that reminds me of a cross of Death and Megadeth. The riffing is clever and twisted, but very oldschool, with a production to match. Anybody fearing the dreaded "core" can breathe a sigh of relief here...this would have been a huge record if released around 1991. There are two brief melodic interludes, leaving six "real songs", all of which thrash out with a raw yet smooth style. The hoarse vocals are like Chuck Schuldiner but not quite on that level, although sometimes the dude cuts loose with an air-raid high pitched scream. "Frozen In the Snow" is a great introduction to Madrost, surpassed even more by the concise, riff-crazy "Universal Energy". This was the song that tipped me off that Madrost was more than just another run of the mill death metal band.

All of the tunes rock. There's even a bass solo run during the title track! The biggest disappointment to me is the shortness of the release, which barely qualifies as a full record. I really want to hear more of Madrost! This was an unexpected pleasure.