By Colonel Angus

I don’t know much about these guys other than Michael Voss singing for Michael Schenker recently.  That being said, I’m always interested in hearing new music by bands I don’t know.  After many spins, I have to say that although you won’t be blown away with anything original, you will have a hard time not enjoying this disk.  The music has a mid to late 80s metal sound; you know, back when metal was fun.  "Interceptor" is full of great tunes starting with opener “Save Me” which has a Cinderella mixed with the Scorpions vibe.  Things don’t let up throughout the album with “Five Minute Warning”, “Streets Of Tokyo”, and “Turn It Down” being the best of the bunch.  Speaking of “Streets Of Tokyo”, it has that classic Scorpions sound and that is probably due to the fact that it was co-written with Herman Rarebell (ex-drummer, Scorpions). 

Quite honestly, there really isn’t a bad song on "Interceptor". Michael Voss puts in a great performance on vocals and lead guitars.  I have not heard his other work but his performance here is good enough to make me go research and get his earlier works.  Jurgen Breforth also provides some great guitar work and together with Voss, they make a great guitar duo.  The catchy riffing and tasteful solos really show just how good these guys are at their craft.  Roland Bergmann and Axel Kruse are a solid rhythm section and although the bass player and drummer don’t get much credit, I think these two put in a solid performance.  Neither one overplays their instrument and keeps it nice and tight like a rhythm section should.  Overall, these guys work really well together and sound like a “band”.

I like most of the bands on the SPV roster and they are keeping their streak of quality music going.  Like I mentioned earlier, Mad Max play a type of metal that is catchy and fun.  Much of today’s metal is down-tuned guitars and depressing lyrics (not that all of it is bad, I like that type of metal also) but "Interceptor" has a light-hearted fun feel that brings me back to my younger days.  If you are like me and enjoy the heyday of the Scorpions, Cinderella, Ratt, and AC/DC, then this is a must buy.  It has been a while since an album has made me feel young again but "Interceptor" has done just that.  The last track on the album is “Turn It Down” yet all you will want to do is turn it up.