MAAX "Six Pack Witchcraft"

SERENITY DIES "Hacksawcracy"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It seems to me that EPs are more popular than ever. There's been a ton of them lately and here are two more to chew on...

Maax get labelled as death metal, but I don't really see that myself. Filthy, grimy thrashed-up rock n' roll with an evil attitude is more like it. Remind ya of Venom? It's supposed to. "Six Pack Witchcraft" is a cool name for an EP featuring raw, nasty metal n' roll with self-explanatory titles like "Bastards", "Go Fuck Yourself" and "Die By the Axe." There's some ancient German flavor like early Sodom and Destruction in this brew, but the primary spice is Venom. I dug "Die By the Axe" and the killer "Fire In The Hole" the most myself. If you're into technical, well-produced shit, forget this, but I'm waiting for more from Maax.

As far as I know, Serenity Dies is the first metal band ever from the Maldives Islands. The Atlas shows the Maldives to be tropical isles in the vicinity of India. Interesting. This band plays a tuneful brand of thrash metal owing a lot to Megadeth, Annihilator and Metallica. The sound is clean and professional and there's not a hint of an accent in the singer's voice. Despite that, it just seems to be lacking some aggression. It needs a bit more of a bite...more like what the title track and "Dystopian Law" have to offer. Still, it's impressive considering it's point of origin.