"Unholy Rock N' Roll"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The real way to experience Maax is live. They were one of the big hits of the 2011 version of the Central Illinois Metalfest, where they got the death metal/grindcore crowd rocking with their filthy brand of Satanic and thrashy rock and roll. The sweaty sleaziness the band exuded on stage is only partially visible here in recorded form...they really have not captured the total mayhem of their live performance.

That's not to say "Unholy Rock N' Roll" isn't worth catching. Maax resembles the mutant love child of Venom's Cronos and Nashville Pussy's Ruyter Suys and sound like they come from Hell's own trailer park where moonshine flows, hemp smoke blows and the black cock crows. Very raw, basic and "rawking" music with a lot of speed, easy riffs and nasty blood-spitting vocals. That's a lot of dirty fun, but personally I think this record could sound a lot heavier. It just seems a little thin to me and the power Maax possesses live is not totally present. Also, some of the tunes sound a little too easy, a little too familiar and unimaginative. But when they cook, they're on fire. I liked the smoking thrash-rock of "Fight With Fire" and "Rot N' Roll". A bit of a surprise comes with the almost Norwegian blast of "Overthrone"...kinda reminiscent of Darkthrone. Not so effective is the laid back bluesiness of "Purge of Depravity"....the monotonous sampled mumbling of good ol' Aleister Crowley in the background didn't help.

"Unholy Rock N' Roll" is a decent bursty of boozy black thrash but take it from me, live is the best way to experience Maax.