"Busted, Broke & American"

By Sgt Deth

Almost ten years in the making, Billy Milano and company are back with their 10th album. Even though Billy is as old as me, he comes back slugging with this new release. He has mentioned publicly that it may be the bands last though. If so, they are going out with a bang. They have had a long road and very long list of band member changes. Founding member and front man Milano has always been with the band and has always given his all including on this new one. He never ceases to impress me, both with his work in M.O.D. and S.O.D., and especially doing the S.O.D. comeback album in 1999. I have always been a dedicated fan to anything Mr. Milano creates.

You will want to crank this up, just like you probably did with M.O.D.’s past releases. There is not as much slower mosh songs here like in their older CD’s, but there is no shortage of fast, in-your-face songs. In fact there are no slow songs on this one. One song, "Shattered Dreams and Broken Glass", is very much hardcore punk and will please those kind of fans. Billy says “If you aren’t down with hardcore punk, you aren’t down with shit”. Then there are superfast songs like “They” that also have great Billy vocals such as “We are the M’fers, and we are going to bring the pain”. There are even a couple typical M.O.D. songs such as one of my personal favorites, the title track, and “You’re a Fucking Dick” that will bring you back.

Also, there is no shortage of political opinions on this one, just like past M.O.D. albums. It starts right out with “Eisenhower Was Right” that has a voice clip from the former president warning of the dangers of the military industrial complex. And the CD ends with “Kennedy Speaks” that has a voice clip from that former president warning of secret societies, shadow governenment, and corruption in government. In other words, Billy is up to his old tricks, and in my opinion they are working to keep my interest. Every metal fan needs to keep supporting true metal like this new M.O.D.