By Rusty Coffinnails

Lycus formed in the fall of 2008  near Sacramento, CA. The next year saw very few live performances. After several line-up changes they disbanded in late 2009. They relocated to the the San Francisco bay area and the founding members resurrected the band along with a new bassist and guitarist.  November 2012 they recorded their full length debut, "Tempest"

Funeral Doom Metal should be heavy, dark, slow and almost suffocating, warm and familiar yet cold, dismal and lonely.

Lycus brings that and a bit more to the table with their latest offering called "Tempest". They have a sludgy, almost death metal sound yet keep the tempo to the speed of a slow funeral procession that is so immense,huge and complex that words can not begin to describe it, but I will attempt to do so. This album only contains 3 tracks yet has a run time of a bit over 40 min. The first track called "Coma Burn" that is over 11 min long is a slow moving journey of feedback and  funeral style droning guitar with a ponderous beat that is haunting. The lyrics are sung in a death metal growl style but with a more anguished and tormented feel. This stuff is dark and murky like the blackest of black fog that slowly consumes everything in it's path. As I said it difficult to put words to the way this album makes one feel because it is so layered and deep, I find my description changing every time I listen to it, and that's a good thing.

At first I was not fond of the growling vocals but I now appreciate it in the sense that it adds to the anguish and darkness this album holds inside.The title track  "Tempest" is 20 plus min long and quite a work of art. Personally it takes me to a dark dank dying forest where I try to find my way out. This one has some classic death metal parts to it, it goes from a slow crawl to a double beat blast with some major shredding riffs and back to a crawl. It contains almost Druid style chanting along the anguished growl.

I highly recommend this album for the almost artistic approach it contains, it is very replayable and not easly explained to those who haven't experienced it themselves.