“Out of the Voiceless Grave”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Swedish death metal hits just keep on coming. Fans haven’t tired of the genre yet and when it’s done like The Lurking Fear do it, why would they? These guys are on Century Media and feature Swedish DM heavyweights like Tomas Lindberg and Adrian Erlandsson in their midst.

Sometimes  these “supergroups” hit the mark, other times they just seem to be out for quick cash. “Out of the Voiceless Grave”took a little while for me to warm to, but i got there eventually.  Their sound is not as totally crushing as some other DM proponents are, but it’s still pretty raw. These guys are about more than  just fat,crushing riffs with a lot of distortion. The speed factor is kicked up pretty high and the structure of songs like “Vortex Spawn”, “The Infernal Dread”and “Black Tentacles of Horror” is fairly advanced. They are not melodic in the sense of At The Gates, but more like Dismember. “Upon Black Winds” and “The Cold Jaws of Death” rip your flesh with barbed hooks while Lindberg sounds better than at any time since Disfear.  Good variety between tracks is always an advantage and the songs don’t sound like each other. “Teeth of the Dark Plains” and “Black Tentacles of Horror” get the Dr’s vote as the best of the bunch.

These type of albums are simply not original enough to truly rate classic status, but you can easily add this Lovecraftian monstrosity from the frozen North to the list of enjoyable Swedish death metal albums.