"Workin' For The Devil"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I know a thing or two about mixing horror with heavy metal, I've been doing it for over 30 years now. Only a chosen few should be among the pantheon of horror metal bands. I cannot place the Lurking Corpses upon that bloody pedestal. Here we have another bunch of characters running around with masks and robes and raiding Hollywood for every horror movie sample known. This neighborhood is way too crowded these days, it takes something special to make the shtick work.

The album starts in solid fashion with the simple but catchy metal of the title track. A chugging sub-thrash riff and shrieking King Diamond style vocals had me thinking we had a stab at a Mercyful Fate style band here. But that's not the main thrust of The Lurking Corpses. When we get to "The Leech and The Worm", we suddenly discover what really makes their green blood flow...they are a Misfits knock-off band. The guitar sound is more metallic, but the singalong crooning sub-Elvis vocals are a dead giveaway that these guys worship at the altar of the Crimson Ghost. Actually on this track and "Tonight", they don't do a bad job of Misfitsism at all. Then they do another 180 degree turn and blast out the album highlight "Blind Dead Arise", covering another well-worn subject, but now banging our heads with a speedy, powerful NWOBHM style epic. Some of the twin guitar riffing at the end of this sucker would bring nostalgic tears to Steve Harris' eyes.

Then after that, things go to shit. "Dead Fuck" sounds like absolute noise, "Lady Frankenstein" is horrible to the point of being unlistenable, there's a dull acoustic ballad called "No One Will" and a pop metal song "In Hell I Wait For You", all sprinkled amidst bald-faced Misfits worship and a very average cover of Slayer's "Tormentor".

"Workin' For the Devil" has some fun moments but disappoints over all. It takes more than a Halloween costume and a lot of monster movie samples to get this maniac's blood racing. Keep trying, fiends...