LUNA 13 

"Dark Side of the Sun"

By Dark Starr

The dark electronic vibe here lands near a lot of modern prog stuff. The heavier sounds aren't that different from something like Tool. This is very gothic in nature. It's also very cool. 

"Gods of Night" is very trippy and rather creepy. It has sound effect like stuff with spoken echoey vocals. "Dark Side of the Sun" comes in with a mellower kind of sound. Then it shifts out to some really hard edged spooky stuff. This is industrial and yet feels distinctly proggy in a very dark way. 
"Doll Face" is really heavy and creepy. It's crazed kind of number. I like it a lot. Freaky sounds continue on "Skin." It is pounding and super heavy. It's a screaming rocker that continues the basic musical concepts. 
There isn't a huge change on "Venomous Love." It has a nice balance between mellower atmospheric stuff and heavier, more rocking music. Another hard rocking industrial styled cut, " Snitches Get Stitches" works well. In a lot of ways "Swarm" is much trippier. It's also very cool.  Pounding, heavy and very dark, the closing "Try Death" might be my favorite cut here. It's just incredibly potent.