“Blackened Visions”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Lumberjack Feedback is an instrumental sludge band from France and their results are decidedly mixed on their first real full length “Blackened Visions”. When they’re on, they’re on! But a fair amount of their stuff just kind of lies there without making a real impact.

Things get off to a rousing start with “No Cure”(For the Fools). This is a thick and meaty brute with a powerful sludgy sound and nice simple riffs that remind me of the more mid-paced St . Vitus stuff. I don’t miss vocals here, which is something I can’t say for most of the other songs on display. Next two tunes are in one ear and out the other….both are heavy and not bad, they just don’t seem to catch hold and grab the attention.  Things pick up nicely with “Salvation”, which has the best riffing on the entire album and some cool peaks and valleys. “Dra Til Helvete” is the longest and most boring tune. Vocal and lead work could have really helped here. The album ending “Mah Song” (Horses of God) kind of encapsulates the album as a whole, as there are strong parts and more average ones.

On the whole, an acceptable album from The Lumberjack Feedback, but suffering from many of the problems inherent in both sludge and instrumental bands.