By Dr. Abner Mality

WAR has been declared by Lucifericon. This is death metal audio terror of a high order that starts out vicious and grows into something a little deeper than the usual DM template. I don’t know who the members of the band are, but they are connected to Destroyer 666 and Pentacle, which are mighty names to conjure with.

“Inside The Serpent’s I” is so ferocious and LOUD that it almost knocks you over, but eventually form and structure reveal themselves. I’m reminded of Australian war metal acts like Bestial Warlust here. But this is no mere blasting wide open noise. By the time “Szin-Niag-Sa” rolls in, a more measured barbarity takes hold, like the slower Nile tracks or maybe Immolation. The production on this is sizzling, with every instrument jacked into the red zone. Originality is thin on the vine, but Lucerificon take the best of the death metal genre and make it their own on epic tracks like the title song and “Sevenfold”. Occasional guitar melodies and interesting solos arise to keep things from getting dull.

I’m quite impressed by “Al-Khem-Me”. It’s raging, rumbling death metal with no compromise.