"Terror Hungry"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is the second go-round for the young thrash band from Finland. Many feel the gas has run out of the thrash revival entirely, but you'd never know it from listening to these guys. They've upped the speed and rawness quite a bit on "Terror Hungry" but haven't really deviated from the fun, Bay Area-tinged thrash they did on their debut.

And that's the secret to its success. You just get the feeling that they locked themselves into a room with a lot of beer, weed and old Exodus albums and let 'er rip. There's nothing fancy or ambitious about "Terror Hungry", it's very simple thrash metal and pretends to be noting but. That's a good move, because pretension definitely doesn't suit Lost Society, not when they have song titles like "Brewtal Awakining", "Thrashed Reality" and "Wasted After Midnight", all of which sound rather autobiographical. At first, I was ready to lump it in with the usual derivative retro-thrash stuff, but damn, when they start trading whacked out guitar solos in "Game Over", I was sold. This stuff is just plain fun. It is indeed rawer and punkier than what they've done before, most especially on cuts like "F.F.E." and the title track. The vocalist has the crazed sound of Paul Baloff, which is no bad thing, and the enthusiasm is infectious even if the originality quotient is dead zero.

Just a good simple album to drink beer and smash dishes to. For thrash metal, the most direct approach is always the best.