“Fast Loud Death”

By Professor Jocko

When Lemmy said "We want to be the band that if we moved in next door to you, your lawn would die”, he was certainly talking about Motorhead. However, the same could be said about Finnish thrash youngsters Lost Society, whose debut album “Fast Loud Death” kicks some serious ass from beginning to end!  I will say that this album has all the basic elements of thrash, but progresses from the style that is the established norm. If the music is heavy, aggressive but with a social conscience and a shot of Jack Daniels, I call it thrash. Lost Society definitely fits the bill, even if they are heavier than most other thrash bands, bordering on punk perhaps, in a few spots where the music is concerned.

The oldest members in the band are only 19, but that doesn’t seem to matter, both with their music and the huge support they get from a very loyal fan base. Nuclear Blast doesn’t seem to mind, with "Fast Loud Death" having already been ranked among this year’s best releases of its genre, and neither does producer Nino Laurenne, having already worked with greats such as Amorphis, Ensiferum & Lordi. Band members Samy, Arttu, Mirko and Ossi also seem to be enjoying their success, following the classic trend of thrash music with slashing, heavy-hitting songs, taking influences from other various bands from the past as well. Like other metal genres, thrash bands often focus their lyrics on huge amounts of death, chaos & violence. Other bands often like to use less aggressive lyrics about politics and social issues, but that usually removes the overall impact of the songs potential. Lost Society seems to just keep to what works well and follows suit to everything they represent.

Lost Society doesn't possess any extraordinary instrumental techniques or abilities; they have a very typical formula of creating their music, but they know how to use it. The guitar riffs could be compared to early Exodus & Sepultura, where the lines are precise and fast with a guitar tone similar to the thrash bands of 20 years ago. We would all have to agree that speed and technicality are the main components to the guitar work of any kind of heavier metal genres, where not too much sensitivity is going to be found in the flow of any song. However, the mix of sheer power & metal guitar writing in songs like the opening track "Thrash All Over You" & "Fast Loud Death" gives the album a very melodic yet aggressive side that few thrash bands manage to achieve.

The world of thrash metal has given us several talented musicians but let’s face it, when it comes to the overall delivery & content of the lyrics... it all seems to come to the same conclusion. Vocals in this case are more or less like screaming, but singer Samy Elbanna still has a powerful voice that gives the music a bit more strength and attitude. Tracks such as "Lead Through the Head", "E.A.G". & "Piss Out My Ass" are perfect examples.  The drums, just like the guitars, are extremely intense as well as far as mimicking the fast pace. Nothing is noticeably innovative or elaborate, just good old-fashion thrash drumming. However, "This Is Me" does have a noticeable rhythm that seems to stand out from other various tracks. The bass remains in the rhythm section to supplement the guitars as a solid backup sound. The track titled "Diary Of A Thrashman" starts off with a great bass intro that adds a little diversity to the album. If retro-thrash is your thing, then look no further, as this album has a shitty attitude, loads of riffs and all of the aggressiveness & energy needed for any hard-core thrashers out there.