“In the Name of Freedom”

By Theron Moore

For those not in the know, Lost Legacy are an East Coast band that’s been banging heads since 1998.  By all accounts, I should like Lost Legacy because I’m a fan of power / classic metal but I’m conflicted with this record.  From a musical standpoint I dig the sound, the band is tight and definitely waving the metal flag high and proud but it’s the vocals that have me confounded.

“In The Name Of Freedom” is eight tracks of pretty patriotic metal and like I said before, from a musical standpoint this band is a ripper, but the vocals seem to lack power and depth that I’m used to hearing with this genre of music.  Take a band like Bullet or Thrust or fellow Pure Steel Records recording artist, Conjuring Fate.  The vocals match the music in intensity and make sense and elevate the musical vision where it needs to be.  Power metal demands power and I just don’t get that with singer David Franco.  I need the vocals to soar and bounce off the stratosphere and punch me in the face but it doesn’t happen.  It comes close especially with “Front Line” and “In The Name Of Freedom” but never fully delivers.

But here’s the rub:  I’m conflicted.  This is good music, but the singing doesn’t quite fit and in the end that’s just my personal opinion.  You, dear reader, may very well vibe off this record because Franco is not a bad singer, just not my cup of tea and therefore I can’t offer the old stamp of approval to “In The Name Of Freedom”.  In terms of the songs, they’re catchy, the riffage is huge and battle vest worthy.  Track five, “Take Me Away” is a shining example of this.  But, I’m afraid that’s where we are here.  Try it out, go to YouTube and check out their video, or, go to Apple Music and listen to “Take Me Away” and form your own opinion.  But for this critic, “In The Name Of Freedom” is a pass.