“Arrayed Claws”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Are critics still bitching about Italian metal? In the last couple of years, innovative and heavy music of all kinds has emanated from that country so the knuckleheads still talking about fantasy metal and Rhapsody ripoffs can fuck off. A case in point would be this band Lorn.

“Arrayed Claws” is a disoriented, disturbing listen that will challenge your brain. Not an easy listen by any stretch, it creates a type of extremely dissonant guitar sound that I’ve not encountered before. The first two tracks here, “Disharmonic Feticism” and “Abstract Trap” are similar in construction. They both blast off with extremely fast and distorted black metal riffing with a weird, twisted sound. The songs are both so fast that they seem to splinter into almost psychedelic math metal fragments. Both are over ten minutes long and both also end with gloomy ambient synth tones. It’s a combination of both extremity and minimalism. “Toybodim” is shorter and more austere but still full of odd time signatures. “Sut-Aq-Kol” is the shortest tune but the highlight of the album. Absolutely blistering high speed guitar weirdness with almost crystalline tones…a psychedelic black metal overkill. The record then ends with the bleak and soothing “Aus Nebel Turm”, featuring cryptic synthesizer tones and low key guitar.

This one is not easy to digest but Lorn is doing something pretty unique here while for the most part retaining an extreme approach. Latch on to it if you dare!